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About google

In this post i try to get about google from WIKIPEDIA.Org nothing edited from me and maybe to be continued in part 2 (you can read more from here)

Google is a search engine owned by Google, Inc. whose mission statement is to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". The largest search engine on the web, Google receives over 200 million queries each day through its various services.

Index size

At its start in 1998, Google claimed to index 25 million web pages.[1] By June 2005, this number had grown to 8 billion pages, as well as 17 million images, 1 billion Usenet messages, 6,600 print catalogs, and 4,500 news sources. Recently, Google claimed to index over 25 billion web pages and 1.3 billion images.[citation needed] After a controversy involving Yahoo's index size claims in summer of 2005, the number of indexed pages was removed from the Google home page.[2]

to be continued....

Technology which is so fast

Remembered in 2003 at the time of doing duty layouting a bulletin overspread by Adobe Page Maker 7.0.1 software ( which installed on Computer in place I work. At that moment use of file berekstensi . pmd ( file ekstensi for the Adobe of Page Maker) having besaran assess the file more than a sketch to a layout bulletin which only contain some page;yard.
Three year ago really differ from the 2006 year this, at the time price a media storage [of] like flash disk almost not yet earned met ( or possible just just me [is] which not yet ism
For the menyimpan of data still use the floppy disk which ( as far as I know) fairish only 1,44 Mb. Conceiving with the condition at the moment using fairish flash disk till 4 GB. Wouw [of] how many data which can enter into the gadget…. O.K. ( to be continued )

first test

I begginer in blogger but can try to be a better blogger with learn and other...
so you can help me with your comment to my blog. OK